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We at TechBrewery offer you a wide selection of wireless communication products specially designed to make your business more efficient and your service more effective. Our products use RF wireless & FM technology to smoothen the entire existing process of patron engagement at your establishment while maintaining a hospitable ambience.

Our products are specifically engineered keeping in mind the regular hurdles faced by restaurants in terms of their employee-patron engagement, order processing, etc. We truly recommend our products for those establishments that want to take their service standards to the next level, and those who strongly believe in providing that something ‘extra’ to their customers or guests. By implementing our systems, you are on your way to deliver a quality dining experience to your guests by making them feel special and cared for. The advantages of implementing our systems:

- Makes the existing setup more efficient
- Optimizes staff actions
- Ensures customer satisfaction
- Saves on manpower cost
- Increased Customer Loyalty
- Increases profits

Products we offer:

1. TableCall Paging System


Short Description:

Our Tablecal Paging System is designed specifically to help guests immediately page their servers or managers when they need anything, so they can be served whenever they want. With this solution, it creates a very patron friendly environment and help the manager/server attend to the service needs of the patron without the customer having to raise his/her hand or call out to the manager verbally. This solution helps maintain a quiet and high quality ambience at your restaurant and help you reinforce your “Always Customer First” policy.


- 3 buttons i.e., Service, Bill & Cancel for the ease of patrons
- Advertising space on the pagers
- One touch calling system
- Top View Pager with a 12 digit display
- Belt clip for Captains/Managers to hold the top view pager
- Alert: Flash & Vibrations


2. RCL Paging System


Short Description:

The RCL Paging System is designed to help restaurants manage incoming customers efficiently and distinctively. Customers receive instant notification when their table is ready, making them feel special and welcome. Freed from long lines, your restaurant looks more inviting to people walking in, customers are encouraged to wait without fears of missing their table, resulting in higher traffic, while overall restaurant traffic flows more smoothly, leading to faster table turns. By offering perfect customer service the instant a customer appears, you will enjoy greater competitiveness, revenues and profits.


- Customer friendly Paging System
- Anti-Theft Feature
- Smart charging for upto 15 hand held devices
- Unique System ID
- Advertising Paddle
- Alert: Flash, Beep & Vibrate

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